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PA'LANTE Short film by David Van
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PA'LANTE: synopsis

Pa'lante is a short drama with comedic elements, set in Prague. It tells the story of 26-year-old Simon, who is going through a difficult breakup. The turning point comes when he finds out that his still-beloved ex-girlfriend Johana has started dating a transsexual. In the beginning, he receives support from his best friend Jáchym in the form of parties, alcohol and drugs, but Jáchym later finds a girlfriend and falls in love. Simon is therefore completely alone and continues to try to deal with the situation. After a crazy New Year's Eve, where he accidentally finds himself in a gay bar, he goes home and, while waiting for the subway, he finds a way to come to terms with the situation.

Written and Directed by David Van
Cinematographer: Lukáš Hausenblas

Starring: Šimon Pliska, Antonie Formanová, Adam Matouš, Sára Rychlíková, Martin Doucha

Runtime: 18 minutes

Cast & Crew

David Van (Writter, Director & Producer)

David Van is a young director and screenwriter. For several years he worked in various positions in film and theater, later he combined all his experience and began to use them fully in directing and screenwriting. In recent years, he has made a number of music videos, commercials and several short films.

Šimon Pliska (Šimon)

Šimon Pliska is an actor dedicated to Auteur Theater, where he exercises his movement, directing, and comedy and, above all, improvisational talents. In 2018, he founded the G.N.A.T. and under this platform he created a successful performance with his classmate Goršek. Most of his theatrical activities can be seen in JATKA78.

Antonie Formanová (Johanna)

Antonie Formanová is a student at DAMU, Department of Alternative and Puppet Theater. In addition to school projects and a few student films, it can be seen, for example, in the television films Dukla 61 or Ballad of the Pilot. Currently, she also plays in the Anti-Quarian of the Dejvický Theater as an external student in the performance Játra. She is also actively involved in improvisation and occasionally performs with the group NO A! Simona Babčáková.

Matouš Adam (Jachym)

Matouš Adam is a young actor and performer. After trying to study economics, law and psychology, he found himself at JAMU, where he graduated from the Physical Theater studio. He is currently studying Acting with a focus on authorial work and pedagogy at DAMU. His role in Palante is his first film..

Sára Rychlíková (Natalka)

Sára Rychlíková is a 2nd year student of drama acting at DAMU. She starred in the short student film Terno. He is also involved in dance and figure skating.

Martin Doucha (Tuan)

Martin Doucha comes from České Budějovice and is currently studying at DAMU - acting and authorial work. With his friends, he established a group named Artists on a Shaky Leg, under whose auspices he creates performances at the Theater SUD and makes videos on Facebook. He specializes in acting, dancing, singing and playing the piano. In Prague, he can be seen, for example, in the performances Agatha, Olga and We, The Transfiguration or Fairy Tales from Rice Fields.

Lukáš Hausenblas (Director of Photography & Producer)

Lukáš Hausenblas is a cinematographer who shoots music videos and feature films. During his studies at FDULS in Pilsen, he began making his own experimental films, on which he perfected his skills and thus discovered the boundaries of painting.


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